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The Badlands

North Dakota

The Great Lakes Tour, in SHORT

Our ride this summer was the longest so far--6,000 miles over 23 days, or “23 Sleeps”, as this tour became affectionately known. 19 States by the time we were done! I had some folks to see along the way and we took some other great folks along, making this trip especially memorable. 

To name a few highlights: Northwest Arkansas is truly beautiful with lots to see and do. Memphis, with BB Kings and The Peabody Hotel, never disappoints. The Badlands was truly something to see--spectacular, really. Mount Rushmore, Needles Road, Deadwood, and The Devil’s Tower made day 21 my favorite day this trip. Gillette, Buffalo, Ten Sleep, Cody--where else but Wyoming, USA--where a chance meeting with a favorite author Craig Johnson, made this day magical. 

For the rest of the story, and day-by-day details complete with links to resources, click LONG. Also, follow me on the Polarsteps phone app for more personal narratives and photos, as well as mapping.

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