Favorite Trip

They’ve all been beautiful, to degrees, and spectacular, and fun. Each has been challenging in some way, for sure. Each ride has brought us closer and created memories. The rides to cities, such as our southern trip, are remarkable for their history and culture, entertainment and food, but our back roads rides to sleepy mountain towns or quiet coastal towns are also special and uniquely romantic. Our longest trip so far is a favorite because of the experiences collected over 3 weeks, but also for the amazing scenery of Canada and Alaska. It would be nearly impossible to choose; and hopefully, it will continue to be that the one we’re on at any given time seems to be the favorite.

I enjoy our trips with friends, but enjoy those with just us equally but differently. There are amazing rides within just a few hours of us, and sometimes it’s nice to just get out of town, but I also appreciate the accomplishment of our farthest trips. I think if I were really pressed I would choose a back roads route over any to a city, never mind the excitement and culinary promise.

Now, your turn. Any favorite ride, ladies? If you had to pick, could you pick one?

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